Step into a world where the echoes of history meet the lap of luxury. Welcome to our haven in the heart of Udaipur, where heritage intertwines with hospitality, creating an experience beyond compare.
Beyond the walls of your retreat, our amenities unfold a tapestry of experiences. From fairy-tale weddings to seamless corporate events, our spaces are a canvas for your grandest moments. Indulge your palate in our restaurant, where culinary masterpieces tell the story of Udaipur's gastronomic heritage.
Our commitment to hospitality goes beyond service; it's a promise to make your stay not just memorable but extraordinary. Whether you're here for leisure, celebrations, or business, our abode in Udaipur is more than a hotel—it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the grandeur of heritage and the warmth of hospitality. Welcome to a world where every stay is a chapter in a story of timeless luxury.

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